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Strawberry Moon Rising in the Land of World’s Best Potatoes

I have an obsession with all things celestial (sky, sun, moon, stars, clouds, rainbow etc.). Whenever possible, I try to plan my treks as per the moon calendar so as to spend the camping night under certain special moon phases. So, you can imagine my excitement when I witnessed moonrise (when it was not even planned) […]

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Folklore of Tso Moriri

Generally, Pangong Tso is pegged as the ultimate destination in Ladakh by most travellers. Don’t get me wrong…despite the ‘3 idiots’ and ‘Jab Tak Hain Jaan’ frenzy, I loved Pangong lake (at an altitude of 14,270 ft) – watched the sunset and sunrise, drove the whole 30/35km stretch along the lake till the point it […]

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Tea with Tungri Nuns

This year, in September, I explored Ladakh for 2 weeks, of which 5 days were in Zanskar region. I had initially planned to do the trek to Phuktal monastery but somehow that didn’t work out. So, instead, I visited Zangla Fort, Stongde, Karsha (largest monastery in Zanskar) and Zonghkul. In Stongde monastery, I was lucky […]

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A Vegetarian / Vegan Foodie’s Guide for Travelling the World

I have been travelling outside India often for about 5 years now and have lived in foie-gras-loving France, fish-famous Japan, and pork-crazy Thailand among others. My way to get to understand the culture of places I visit involves walking around the city, spending time with locals and experiencing the local cuisine. I believe food is one of the most intimate ways […]

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Sacred Pauses

Disclaimer: This post is not to encourage you to quit your job. You can have a life and pursue your dreams with a full-time job too. Each time I decided to quit my job, it was to invest in my health, learn new skills, overcome my fears, travel to new places in India and around […]

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