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Strawberry Moon Rising in the Land of World’s Best Potatoes

I have an obsession with all things celestial (sky, sun, moon, stars, clouds, rainbow etc.). Whenever possible, I try to plan my treks as per the moon calendar so as to spend the camping night under certain special moon phases. So, you can imagine my excitement when I witnessed moonrise (when it was not even planned) […]

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Tea with Tungri Nuns

This year, in September, I explored Ladakh for 2 weeks, of which 5 days were in Zanskar region. I had initially planned to do the trek to Phuktal monastery but somehow that didn’t work out. So, instead, I visited Zangla Fort, Stongde, Karsha (largest monastery in Zanskar) and Zonghkul. In Stongde monastery, I was lucky […]

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Sacred Pauses

Disclaimer: This post is not to encourage you to quit your job. You can have a life and pursue your dreams with a full-time job too. Each time I decided to quit my job, it was to invest in my health, learn new skills, overcome my fears, travel to new places in India and around […]

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